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Help & Info about SWF Player for windows

  • What is SWF Player?

    SWf Player is a basic media extension that allows users to play flash videos. One of its main purposes is to access media files even while the computer is offline (assuming that these files have been saved to the hard drive).
  • Is SWF Player free to download and to install?

    Users will not have to pay to install this system. If they are looking for a basic and lightweight media player, this bundle could be a worthwhile option to keep in mind.
  • Is SWF Player free from viruses and other types of potential threats?

    Of course, the standard media player itself is perfectly safe to use and it has been examined for viruses and similar threats. However, the user will need to make sure that the files being downloaded are likewise clean in order to be fully protected.
  • Is SWF Player updated frequently?

    Unfortunately, the demand for flash videos has declined during the past few years in favour of HTML5-based media. It is for this reason that we are not likely to see any updates in the predictable future.
  • What types of files can SWF Player handle?

    The main type of file that this player will work with is known as a Shockwave Flash file (SWF). These files are associated with older videos as well as many online games. It is unable to play other types such as MPEG4 or WMV.
  • What are the system requirements associated with SWF Player?

    The user will first have to possess a minimum operating system of Windows 98. The .NET Framework needs to be installed alongside Shockwave Flash Object. However, both of these will normally come with the original operating system.
  • Is SWF Player available for Mac operating systems?

    There is no version designed to be used with Mac operating systems. SWF Player has been engineered to work with Windows-based desktop computers alone.
  • Is there a version of SWF Player designed to be used with smartphones?

    As this program is quite old, it was never intended to be used in combination with newer portable devices such as smartphones equipped with the Android operating system. Even if it is able to be installed, there is no guarantee that it will be free from bugs and similar performance issues.
  • How do I install SWF Player?

    After clicking the "download" option, the user will be presented with a setup file in an .exe format. This file will need to be saved to the hard drive before the actual download begins. As this is quite a small file, the entire process should be completed in only a handful of seconds.
  • What is the total file size of SWF Player?

    One of the benefits associated with this rather generic program is that it does not need much memory to run properly. Its total file size is only 853.36 kilobytes. It should not impact the performance of an operating system and if there is indeed a problem, it is always possible to delete the program after installation.


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